... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Norbury Hall Park: Parakeet-a Social Club

More impressive facial hair feathers in large.
Squirrel baring tooth
Wren in blossom

Too similar to two days ago, perhaps, but this time it's the male returning to the nesting hole... I picked this because I had an amusing time by the parakeets' twisty tree: several were preening, and the nesting pair were swooping about and returned to their hole as I passed. I tried to catch them emerging from the hole, but although both the female then the male poked their heads out, their departure was then quite sudden and I wasn't terribly successful.
I also tried to get a decent shot of the nesting nuthatches, but their hole is in an awkward place, so although it was nice to see them I wasn't very satisfied with my shots.
The squirrels were on good form, and I also caught a wren in flight, so all in all my walk was fun photographically.

Others here (or right from Blossom thief)

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