By BarbarArtistPDX

Corazon the Elder

Corazon is my elderly kitty, beset by at least partial blindness, deafness, and some version of kitty dementia that causes anxiety at night. We’ve had to lock her in our utility room at night because of her wandering and howling which kept us up at night. Since being limited to one space, she has actually calmed a bit. However, she doesn’t get to sleep in the bed at night with us anymore.

I’ve been forced to rest a lot in my recovery from the flu. Today, she found me napping in the bed and crawled under the covers next to me. This is a shot I took from lifting the covers just enough to catch her snuggle. You can see the shadow of cataracts in her eyes.

So far so good. She’s under 5 pounds at this point, but still enjoys half and half, naps, and whatever opportunity to make contact with me.

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