Test Cat

Our IT department put out a pleas for loads of us to log on and test out their online exam processes which we are going to have to rely on this year.  They wanted to check load on the system and also how easy it would be for us all to do various activities.  

One of the things we were asked to do was to draw a picture of our favourite animal,  photograph it, upload it into a document, pdf it and submit it. I saw a lot of cats - I suspect they are not everyone’s favourite animal but they are very quick and easy to draw with little thought!

As you can see, mine was rather a slapdash effort as I figured there were less interested in mu artistic talent than my IT skills. 

When I think of our usual exam processes, with hundreds working away at desks in our halls, this year is going to be so different.  Open book, timed exams at home with online submission is the plan - what a turnaround.

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