By littlemissquirk


Another weird day.
Emotions are up and down here. Started off up with a good session of Body Combat then something delayed the bubble of energy and could not get remotivated.
Returned to the onerous task of my memory curating. Photographed then binned all the 90s. It was a funny decade that started with Uni, new job, meeting then marrying. Ho hum finding it emotionally tougher than I had expected.
Long walk after tea from Polton back home via the golf course helped raise spirits as did 3 more episodes of Sex Education then a lovely wee chat with my eldest, still stranded but working, up in Aberdeen. At least one of us is working!
Do I miss work? Nope
Do I ever want to return to work? Nope
Something makes me think the end of furlough is gonna be more difficult than the beginning.

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