Father Brown

As a child I read the Father Brown stories by G K Chesterton. I would be lying if I said I remember anything about them apart from the title, and the fact Father Brown was a priest and a detective.

So when I saw Father Brown was being shown on BBC I could not help having a look. It is on in the afternoon but I have been able to follow it on iPlayer, and have recorded every episode. I don't remember enough to know if the TV series is anything like the books. I think Father Brown is portrayed well, with a mild sense of comedy and realism regarding his vocation.

When I saw this bicycle as part of a floral display at Dobbies Garden Centre, I was reminded of Father Brown's bicycle which is almost as basic as the one shown here. He goes everywhere on the bicycle and is never without his umbrella. The latter seems rather unnecessary as it never rains, but when he pokes the umbrella into the ground it does provide him with a place upon which to rest his clerical hat.

The programme could deserve an evening slot in my opinion as I suspect it is unseen by many who would watch it if it were shown in the evening.

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