Every Little Step

By moonfairy

Picnic Breakfast.

They usually sit at the dining room table.  But who cares where they sit, as long as they eat.

I must be getting used to the new routine of looking after the girls, as today seems to have gone really quick.

I'm trying to get a bit of a routine going.

After breakfast we go for a walk.  We saw a few people today.  We all avoided each other, and smiled and waved, and said hello.

Then some games.  Today we got the bigger pool out, and they played for ages in and with the water.  Our weather is still very warm.

Then they turned the garden furniture into a train.

Isabella said, 'Where are my knickers, Grandma?'  (She'd taken all her clothes of to go in the pool.  'I've got to have my knickers to drive the train.'  (made me laugh).

Then we spend some time, doing puzzles, learning numbers and letters, reading and writing. (and I can sit down and do these!)

So the day has been quite busy,  but at least it's keeping us occupied.

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