The Big Golden Dog

By Cowlieowlie

Picture Hanging

Sorry about the overexposed window, by the way.

We found some frames in the loft. The right hand one that my dad's holding contains some embroidery that I did. The other frame is some rather ancient photographs that got taken out after the photo was taken. The blu-tack on them had dried out and gone all funny! Another piece of embroidery to match the one on the right will soon follow, along with them being hung. My long-suffering parents were very patient with me as I tried to decide in what position the pictures would look best. What are peoples' thoughts on this arrangement?

The ancient television in the corner is the one we stole from my aunt and uncle's house, which my parents have been using to watch Anne of Green Gables.

Today I also read my book, countersunk a screw for the first time, and painted some bits of wood for the stool. All in all, a most satisfactory and pleasing day of creativity.

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