Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

This is the life!

Set out early-ish this morning for a drive with friends. We were heading out to Dubai's oasis Hatta which is set in mountains. I was hoping to get an ace blip. The road to Hatta goes through a tiny enclave of Oman which has always been an added thing of interest. Today however, it was a problem.

For some unbeknown reason, the UAE now have a small border check where the Army are stopping all vehicles and want to see ID (and not the drivers licence variety). Did I know of this new development? NO! Apparently its been going on over a year. Everyone else in the vehicle promptly produced theirs; some even passports(!). Result: New procedure. If you're not carrying ID, you can't proceed. (I may not have been able to anyway as I don't have a Residence Visa).

Felt awful letting the group down. They were very good about it. We headed back to Dubai and stopped off at the Desert Palm Resort for our lunch... the restaurant we ate at is adjacent to the pool. I love the beanbags. A good relaxed day spent with friends and we got home in time for 4 o'clock tea.

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