By PicturePoems

Switch off. Switch on ... Spring!

The News stays on
till the shoes are on:
Hear less talk,
go for a walk
or shop for food
if the queues are gone.

© Celia Warren 2020

The BBC News has turned (even more) into wall-to-wall panicky, mindless, repetitive noise. But it has its uses. When I switched it on at 1.00pm, while waiting for Mr PP to go for a walk, it worked! He instantly donned his trainers when I promised to switch off.

Had a fabulous walk in the sunshine, most invigorating, and we didn't need coats today, only our fleeces. And even they were rather warm once we were exercising.

The flowers in my blipfoto are all growing in our garden tubs - tulips, double-daffodils and an anemone. They really are a cheerful sight, and demanded to be photographed after I'd spent a chunk of the morning gardening.

Sad to hear today of the death of comedian Eddie Large, a casualty of Covid-19. He had an especially warm place in my heart since our son, at the age of three, joined him on stage at the Birmingham Hippodrome when we took him to the panto. Little and Large were a very funny team. Do you remember them in the Andrex TV ads? The pack of toilet rolls that our son brought home in his goody bag that night would be extra valuable today.

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