By Veronica

It's still raining

All morning, a brief period of brightness handily occurring at lunchtime, and then sunshine, showers torrential rain, and sunshine again in the afternoon. It's not warm! Saw the two kestrels again, and a larger bird of prey which circled directly overhead -- pale underside, wedge-shaped tail with a black end. No idea what it was. In the loquat tree the usual suspects were tucking in: the subalpine warbler, the blackcaps, and some sparrows.

Our Spanish lesson is now down to just the two of us, so we had to work harder. However, B said that my homework of a letter of complaint to the mayor about the closing of the market was so good that I should actually send it to her. The latest on this is that despite the country being on lockdown, the mayor has seen fit to send some municipal workers to start demolishing it. Deeply irresponsible in the current situation, and in any case I am sure there is more urgent work they could do.

Lunch was a bit less sumptuous than usual. Leftover chicken and chicory with the same accompaniments, and because there wasn't much left I made a big pan of arroz con leche to fill up on. We're still a bit peckish though. Edit: S made some delicious eggs Florentine to use up a couple of packs of fresh spinach.

Today's entertainment you have probably already seen: this talented family singing a revised version of a number from Les Misérables. Even the youngest kids acquit themselves brilliantly (yes, I know they are not totally in tune, but it's not an easy song). The fact that they have mike stands hanging around at home makes me think they have previous :)

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