By trisharooni

See You on the Other Side

Today I recorded all the signs on the windows and doors of Blackheath businesses.

It's an interesting assortment. Some just say 'CLOSED' while others have warm little messages.
This door belongs to the restaurant, Cinnabar.

I'm lucky that Blackheath's just the right size to document.

The number of new cases is continuing to slow, but community transmissions are growing.

Morrison announced modelling for how many cases and deaths Australia is expected to see from coronavirus will be released by the government next week after more work, and review by the national cabinet.

Worldwide the number of confirmed cases exceeded 1 million, though many think this is a fraction of the real number.

The NSW police commissioner, Mick Fuller, announced that two Carnival ships that had been off the coast of the state had departed overnight, and another five Royal Caribbean ships would be leaving for their port of origin after refuelling and restocking on the weekend.

The federal government has scrapped childcare fees.

Confirmed cases   5 224
Deaths                          23

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