By OldTimer


Have already cut the dead heads off all my Aggies but this last very small head appeared so thought it deserved a place on blip
Last night I pushed all the wrong buttons and managed to totally unset my ipad . How could I have been so dumb, my son in Aussie tried to talk me through getting it going again but to no avail. Rang vodofone and a man told me what I had done wrong but no it is still not connected. How can I manage with out it. I always do all my blip comments in bed at 6am with it after I have read the paper so if I fall behind please excuse me
Got my first shut down grocery order today via a sweet generous hearted great niece. They came with some home made biscuits.
By the time I washed them all down and put them away felt really down thinking about how that damn virus could be lurking on my bananas or cauliflower
In so many countries it is going beserk, just hope we are able to get it to drop off here but not yet it seems

Be careful my friends and try to enjoy your weekend

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