By dunkyc

In search of colour - Pt 2

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a child in search of an adult with which to do some colouring in, will, within five minutes of engaging in said activity, promptly abandon the same in a fit of a pique, leaving a largely uncaring adult to remain seated, tongue poking out in concentration as they focus on staying within the lines of an intricate flower pattern.

The fit of pique in this particular instance was the youngest one, frustrated at not being able to “make the unicorn’s eyes angry”, ironically, flinging her colouring in anger across the table, almost ruining the good work I had been putting in on my flower – how selfish is that, huh?

I don’t do much colouring in to be honest, but having dabbled for a short time this morning, it isn’t hard to see the appeal. Your eyes are filled with a multitude of colours of your own choosing and the only “rule” as such, is to stay within the lines and that’s it! For a short period of time, that’s all that matters in the world! How easy is that? Why aren’t we doing more of this?!

I suppose that’s a symptom of ageing, we lose our blinkered focus on the small, fun stuff and our thoughts wander instead to clean underpants, getting bills paid, there were loads of pants there this morning, tyre pressures, where the hell are my pants, oven lights, sod it I’m going commando and council tax.

Anyway, I know it’s not exactly a new thing, but it is certainly a very nice way to occupy your mind and pass the time whilst some tunes play in the background.

Just be on the lookout for errant unicorns.

Stay healthy.

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