Heaven help us

Heaven did help me with today’s image. Popped the mobile out of the window to photograph the sun/clouds, and was photo-bombed (by our building). Rather like the result - actually I am bowled over by it.

Amended my Waitrose order this morning. The site kept going down Then it came up with long list of the wrong groceries. Then everything was duplicated. So I logged off and back in. Suddenly I had 4 orders with different order numbers, all for tomorrow.

Wasn't going to delete 3 of them and then find I had nothing. So rang dear old Waitrose (on the number for today and tomorrow’s orders). Answered in minutes. Customer agent checked and sure enough agreed. He cancelled the 3 surplus orders and assured me it was sorted on the main system, and to ignore any issues still appearing in my order records.

Did all my exercise rings yesterday. On track to complete them all today. Success!

Frustrating to learn of several people ignoring the Stay Home rules. One had been out for 6 hours today. Another going shopping every day to “preserve their sanity“. Reminds me of someone who said they borrowed their mum’s UK blue badge to park abroad. My reaction to them all is unprintable. Don’t they realise the frustration, harm, even potentially death (those poor nurses and doctors) this can cause. I’m no angel, but am appalled.

On the Government Broadcast just now, Matt Hancock announced the Stay at Home is not a request it’s an INSTRUCTION. Now they need to go one further, make it law. Stay within 500mt of your home, shop once a week etc

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