By Bella888

Money Laundering* (or Hung out to dry *)

*(For blippers abroad the idiomatic definition is below).

Who would’ve thought the day would come I hang out £10 notes to dry. I added food for a dear neighbour to my online shop, and he promptly repaid me .The (non-vegan) notes immediately went into hot water and soap to decontaminate.

Well if this isn’t a silly, but sadly authentic image!? Sign of the times. Thanks Admirer for hosting today’s Silly Saturday.

Off to do my steps ....another 2000 hopefully.

“Money Laundering”
The concealment of illegally obtained money
“hang out to dry”
to allow someone to be punished, criticized, or made to suffer in a way that is unfair, without trying to help them:
They felt they had been hung out to dry by their employers.
He said, "We will not let the media hang this man out to dry."

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