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By arkensielphoto

Reeves Muntjac

Another uneventful day in quarantine. Even my delivery of a camera battery, which should have been delivered today, is now delayed. I hope my new jigsaw puzzle arrives tomorrow and that it is not delayed.
On a better note, our monthly prescriptions were delivered at 2050 hours last night, so that system works. One of my husband’s Addenbrookes consultants telephoned yesterday as obviously we cannot go to Addenbrookes for the appointment. He has given some different medication; unfortunately the surgery did not get the information until this afternoon. This means that a doctor has not yet seen it, so it cannot be ordered until Monday at the earliest. Since the consultant wanted him to start on the medication as soon as possible, I shall be chasing again on Monday.
Today’s picture is of a male Reeves Muntjac, which was standing in the field staring in the kitchen window. It is a shame its feet are not visible as there was a shrub in the way.
The temperature today was nine degrees Celsius at GMT noon; some sunshine but there was still a chilly wind    

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