By strawhouse

Child at Work

Mr K and I were still in bed at 1pm. Although in our defence it was only Noon really!!  Mr K watching Andrew Marr, me chatting to my mum on the phone, writing my book and annoying Mr K by talking through Andrew Marr. 
I leapt into action and moved to the sofa where I watched  ER and ate muesli.
Then, around 3pm it was time to get going!
Mr K mowed the lawn while I weeded, pruned and tidied.
Then he painted the fence while I weeded, pruned and tidied some more.
Despite the sun it was actually pretty freezing outside and we were just about to go in when Miss E came out and asked what she could do to help. Never wanting to look a gift child in the mouth I set her to work chopping all the brambles down behind the trampoline.  
Roast chicken, mash and gravy for dinner watching The Letter for the King on Netflix. Sort of Game of Thrones for kids!
I stayed up far too late, the clocks going forward proper messed me up!

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