simple moments

By simplemoments

ink blot...


for flowerfriday

this petal drew me in - the colors, the sweet aroma - which, unfortunately, you cannot smell - since our screens aren’t set - up smell-o’vision - or something like that - wouldn’t that be a cool thing - but i digress

this petal is from my - new orchid plant and in an abstract - sort of way it - reminded me of - a rorschach test - you remember those - the ink blots they’d administer to determine - personality and emotional stability - you’d look really hard - at those ink blots - so determined to ‘figure’ them out - as if there was a secret code - well from a psychological perspective

i guess there was - i believe sometimes we can put - more credence in a test - like that than perhaps - we should but - that’s just my opinion - and who knows - what a psychologist might say - if he heard i saw - an ink blot in - a flower petal - then told everyone - after staring at it - that it would lead to...


happy day.....

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