simple moments

By simplemoments



many of us have been - saying ‘thank you’ - expressing gratitude and appreciation - over this last week - for the astonishing help - and assistance which has been - extended by our 1st responders - hospital personnel, volunteers, care providers - and all those i don’t - have room to specifically mention here - it’s been exceedingly heartwarming - to see such outpouring - of expression from our community

i had already posted - one heart; wasn’t planning on another - but then

i saw this - in the mix of clouds outside - my window and thought - how extraordinary it would be - to receive an acknowledgment - from our creator - the one and only, almighty king - who gives us hope - when the days are dark - who fulfills his promises - and has remained the same, yesterday, today and forever (hebrews 13:8) - it was like a beacon - in the sky - proclaiming that he was near to us (psalm 145:18) - and that this could be declared...


happy day.....

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