Jillian's Journal

By Daring2Go

So Good to Scratch ...

..... in the right place!
I saw this seal on Shag Rock a couple of days ago too. It must have taken up residence.

I really enjoyed my walk down on Sumner Beach this morning. There weren't too many people & dogs around and although it was grey & a little chilly, it was wonderful to get out into the fresh sea air. 
I'm about to go outside again and turn the compost - that mightn't be quite as 'fresh'.

Our now usual Covid-19 Government Update at 1 pm was encouraging and helpful, but no hint of how long this Lockdown will be. I'd personally like it to be as long as it really needs to be, so that New Zealand is then in the healthiest state possible. It seems as though our Government has been and still is, acting as quickly as possible. They're heroes! And so too are the medics & police. They're all working under such difficult and stressful conditions.

Todays statistics are
Confirmed cases of Covid-19:  950
New cases:  82
Cases in hospital:  10       In Intensive care: 1     All are stable
Deaths - still only the 1 death.

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