By Barking


Today was punctuated by downpours and giggles. MrB and Little Miss decided to see if she could throw Nutrigrain into MrB's mouth. Needless to say, he fell off his chair and we all ended up laughing til we cried. Get your kicks where you can, I guess!

MrB and Little Miss have finished the outline of my veggie garden. It's looking good.

I took Abe for a long walk this morning. We avoided the rain, and he was very good.

Later, this evening, Abe and Nikau had a scrap over who would sit on MrB's lap. Abe won - brawn over brains, I think.

We're having a roast for dinner tonight. I made a tasty nut roast a while ago, so that's the main ingredient. Can't wait; it's just so cold and miserable today!


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