07.35 am Sun Is Up!

Up and after a quick cup of coffee I was out of the front door before 07.00. I was quite chilly, so woolly hat and gloves. Did my usual  walk, and as I hit the home straight, the early morning mist was rolling across and the sun was doing its best to break through. Got back through the door just before 08.00. 

Showered, breakfasted, started my day.  Had a go at making some beer bread. Doesn't taste too bad, was a bit worried as the expiry date on the flour was 2019!!  Have done a repair job on the bird table and moved it to outside my study window. Now have a camera on the tripod, with the remote switch all set up to hopefully have a small bird or two return to feed.

Forecast is for the sun to come out this afternoon, so might just continue out in the garden as there is still a lot to do.  I don't know about you, but I am finding it a little difficult to get into some sort of routine other than my daily exercise. Anyone else having that problem?

I do hope all is well, take care out there in Blipland and stay safe :-) x

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