... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Seven Islands Pond: Swinging Swan

Drippier and ripplier in large.
Shadow play
Feeding chaos

Mum, Im, and I went to Seven Islands Pond on Mitcham Common in the morning... We wandered around the pond (spent some time with the newly arrived pair of swans there, and all the Canada geese) and while there were other people there, it was never at all busy. There was quite a lot of goose-y squabbling when other people offered food, and I enjoyed trying to catch the chaos (see 2nd extra).
We headed back along a more wooded route. We saw a crow mobbing a kestrel, and the then more distant kestrel wind-hovering, which was a treat. 
I then took the macro lens out into the garden when Im and I found a jumping spider on lupin leaves: it wasn't the familiar zebra spider, but a sun jumper (Heliophanus sp.) which glittered in a variety of colours.

Today's varied set is here (or right from "Hug?")

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