Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


After my now-regular weekly Zoom call with friends this morning, I sat down to edit some photos of a holiday I took in September 2018 but had still to pare down to a manageable number and rename with dates and titles.

By mid-afternoon I was ready for a walk and it was a slightly extended one today - I walked the almost 2.5 miles to Denny, popped into the Post Office and then the Co-op (I reckoned I deserved a wee treat and sticky buns were purchased). Since the town centre was pretty quiet I grabbed a few photos of the Joseph Ingleby sculptures that are dotted around before making my way home.

This pair is called 'Brick and Broch' and symbolise the cast iron foundries that used to be situated nearby. The 'brick' (on the right of this photo) is meant to represent a kiln used in Denny's former brick works, while 'broch' (left and foreground) represents the nearby iron-age Tappoch Broch.

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