Carolina's journal

By Carolina

Silly Girl!

Of course I will tag this for Silly Saturday!    I took lots of pictures of Little Miss yesterday (Friday) as we had her from lunch until about 8 PM when Dad came to rescue her!  Not really , as she had loads of fun and kept herself and us busy all day.   I re-took some heart pictures today and will post one of those for Saturday.     I can see that the day is coming when she is going to get a bit miffed at me for always dragging out the camera!!!
         Many thanks to Freyjad for a heart for Wide Wednesday!!!!     Thanks for dropping by and I will try and get to journals as I can!  Love and hugs sent to each of you!!!
        A few in the extras.  the one on the floor is of Aria pretending to be dead.  Didn't quite get the effect!   the  last if when I caught her as we were playing Hide n Seek.

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