By soozaday

Don't Come Any Closer

This morning we had a wonderful walk near the ocean. We were out early and didnt see very many people. Everyone kept their distance. We startled a few rabbits; this one’s nose was twitching so intently that I’m amazed the photo is in focus. And so many birds! Crowds of singing in the fields. What a wonder to be standing there under the changing stormy sky!

It’s interesting to read through journal entries and see how many of us are experiencing the same things as the days go on. Ideas seem to move in waves. Today there were a lot of entries about masks and the attendant confusion, and many musings about the inability to focus on anything. My resolution for today was to sew us a couple of fabric masks to wear when we might be caught around other people, such as a trip to the store or market. Well, I didnt get to the sewing machine til about three in the afternoon. Then I fooled around up there for a couple hours, produced two very sloppy and ill fitting things and was appalled that my sewing skills have deteriorated so much. Or is it the aforementioned focus problem? I barely know what I’m doing at any given moment. Things with clear written directions are good, like recipes, or knitting patterns. Anything with a little extra thought, not so much. A couple friends are churning out masks by the dozens, and it’s really not a hard thing, so I’m puzzled and disappointed in myself. I did make a really good chicken cacciatore in the InstantPot, so some part of my brain still works.  And I’m trying not to be hard on myself, really I am. (Somehow the autocorrect wrote “I’m trying not to be hard on Lezlie...” Who the hell is Lezlie, and what’s she doing here? And why am I being nicer to her than to myself? It’s probably time for some of those deep breaths I’ve been reading about....)

Day Twenty, which probably explains a lot

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