By FlyingPRGal

Spring Blossom

Early evening and the sun was still shining thanks to the clocks changing this week. Spring blossom is blooming by the village church pink and glorious.

I wrote a poem today. Not sure I’ve got my iambic pentameters right but hey ho!

Our New Reality
Theatres ring down the curtain,
pubs call time at the bar.
Cafes roll down the shutters
and bikes become the new car.

The playgrounds are empty,
classrooms lay bare.
Office workers aplenty
make a desk under the stairs.

Broadband finally working
and Zoom meetings have begun.
Old coffee cups are lurking,
but wearing pyjamas you’ve won!

Mums and dads home schooling,
trying to remember the maths.
PE with Joe Wicks is ruling
as kids say “Oh Miss doesn’t do that?!”

Nurses and doctors run ragged,
fighting against time to repair
those in great need who are lacking
company of those most dear.

The streets are so quiet,
and churches are closed.
The virus spreads like fire
as we pray for those we love most.

In this time of distress,
we thank those working hard
who are doing their best
to fight for our grandmas.

When this is over and done,
we will never, ever, forget
the importance of caring for mum
by staying home with ‘the sweats’.

Our freedom put on pause
for every man, woman and boy,
scientists fight for the cause;
a future for us to enjoy.

Spring is finally blooming,
we are baking bread.
Yet despite danger looming,
we keep a level head.

Let us find some solace,
remember we are not alone.
There is cause to be joyous,
a friend is on the phone.

S Williams, March 2020

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