Heart for Heroes

Thankfulness for our NHS without whom I certainly wouldn't be here.  I was born very small (under 5lb, which in those days...) and blue, but I'm here and I'm fairly healthy :):)

I was going to blip my extras, but realised that this is the last day for the challenge!

Take a look if you will ~

1 and 2. 'Coming into Land, Look Out!'
3. Beautiful Peacock Butterfly

Both seen on my early morning walk to the Park this morning. 

I saw no-one on the way to the park and only a few dog walkers and three individual runners - one of whom passed rather close behind me when I was taking pictures and nudges my elbow :(   

Then a zoom catch up with 29 other people from Church, a massive number compared to last week :)

Just chilling this afternoon and looking forward to 'Race Across the World' tonight :)

Happy Sunday folks :)

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