Our New Life

By JandH

Lockdown Day 10 - The Sun Day

Today we woke up to the most wonderful bird sound, I jumped up with my phone on record.... this is what we heard....click here. This is the sound of the Zebra Dove, but it's a bird that is not native to South Africa, it's very far from home so you can imagine our delight when we discovered this. Although it could possibly be an escaped pet (It would be terrible if one kept this bird as a pet, but how else would it be here!?)

And so the birds were crazy this morning, so many different sounds we could hear including a pair of Kingfisher dancing in the street.

The rest of the day we spent mainly outside in the sun. I checked on our seeds to see if any had come up yet....they did! The coriander and peppers, so I put them out in the morning sun. I think I killed the first coriander though, left them out a little too long, I hope they come right tomorrow.
While pottering, I heard something fly down beside me and hit the ground... it was this little beetle pictured. It's known as a Garden Fruit Chafer, very pretty.

We also made a very quick trip to our local fuel garage for some essentials like bread and chocolate..... :)

This evening we settled with a good movie and so that's the end of day 10.

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