Our New Life

By JandH

Lockdown Day 9 - The Tweet Day

So this morning while having our coffee we put all our plants and my bonsai trees out in the drizzling rain. They always stay under cover in a nice corner where they can get the morning sun.

After enjoying the light rain ourselves for a bit too J and I ventured back into the house and did a spot of cleaning in the kitchen, yay!

Most of today we spent relaxing and doing a bit of reading. Then we heard what sounds like a baby crying, all excited because we knew what it was, we went outside to go see.... the Trumpeter Hornbills were back after a couple of years absence. It's always a pleasure to see these birds and funny too when seeing them looking at their reflections in the window panes and tapping with their beaks.

To give you an idea of what they look like without sending you to Google, they're prehistoric looking, large, with a Toucan / horn like Bill that, for the geeks out there like me, looks like it's been photoshopped badly..... OK maybe Google would do a better job....here or you can take a look at our video from today....here!

Anyway, I spent some time outside watching all the different birds, ducking and diving, chirping and cheeping and I found this mushroom growing in the middle of the lawn, it's apparently a toxic one....eekkk!

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