A Meandering Life...

By Skeena


Today I made a raised flower bed and filled it (loosely) based on the Hugel Culture method. If you don't know about it read on:

Recipe for my raised box.

6 x 2.4M gravel boards cut 170cm/70cm
6 x 40cm arris rail lengths for corners and mid supports.
1 x 2.4M gravel board ripped lengthways as capping
5 x compost bags cut longways to line the inside.
Gravel board offcuts to make the decoration. 
I will add some more trim on the corners later.


One layer of logs (I used conifer logs as I have them but not the best)
One layer of sticks and garden debris 
One layer of part composted material (I had 7 bags of mixed raw food scraps and garden waste.
4 bags of compost to top off. 

I now have the biggest cat litter tray in the neighbourhood... 

The design of my raised bed is similar to the raised beds at Smithers* VIARail Station on the old Skeena train route in British Columbia, Canada. Next to this one is a much older one that is a near copy of the Smithers design. *see extras, I found the original photo.

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