By Ronniebofa

I need a bigger greenhouse!!

Dry and mild today so spent most of the day outdoors.
Did my one hour’s exercise away from home at the allotments:
planted 20 sweet pea seedlings next to fence between plot 2 and Jean’s;
put a 4 inch layer of manure in polytunnel borders;
sowed some wild rocket seed next to early garden peas;
lifted some daisies and foxgloves to be planted in garden at home this; did a bit of hoeing; and
sanitised tools and hands before and after!!

Afternoon it was back garden at home:
planted the daisies and foxgloves in the wild flower border;
transplanted another tray of 84 Begonia semperflorens;
sowed sweet corn, mini-corn, 3 varieties of courgette, 2 different pumpkin varieties, 4 different varieties of climbing French beans and a tray of home saved Runner bean seeds.

The only problem now is I have run out of space in the greenhouse!!

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