By spannarama

Sunny Saturday

It might sound strange to say it at the moment, but we had such a lovely day today.  Firstly, I feel a bit better!  Not better better, but better than I have been for ages.  This meant that I could actually get some useful stuff done - like changing the bed, and doing various bits of planting (chilli seeds, and all the bits that keep falling off my poor money plant - think it's in tune with the global economy...).

We saved our daily walk for this evening, when we thought it would be quieter - but it was still pretty busy out there.  Everyone was being  respectful of social distancing though.  We picked a nice time, light-wise - I liked the long shadows on the wall of these flats.

Tim cooked us a delicious bobotie when we got back, and we ate at the table for a change, with some good music on.  A nice way to round off a nice day.

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