By nudibranchies

New leaf

Picture is Pablo and his new leaf! It's slowly unfurling and as eager as I am to see how this one is split, I know better than to rush it and pull it open. Garlittle is growing out of his temporary jar quicker and quicker, I'm almost worried he'll bloom before I can get him some soil. 

I did read some of my book, working my way through it slowly but surely as it's quite information heavy - a guide to ancient Greek historical locations both in reality and myth. I thoroughly enjoy it though and my bucket list of places to go grows bigger each day. 

As well as my places bucket list, I have a rapidly growing book wishlist. Right now they're ranging from permaculture design and lifestyle to gardening and wild foraging. I don't think I'll be able to get them all at once, but I can dream. I'm determined to, when COVID-19 has eased up and we can return to normal, go on a nice long hike in Cornwall and collect all the plants I could want to try (providing I don't pick poison). 

I did go out, just to sit on the bench and soak up some sun. Nobody shouted at me out the window this time, or whistled to get my attention which is nice. Lasagne number 3 for dinner tonight, tomorrow I'm finishing it off and I might try and make some home made garlic bread to go with it.

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