By Yorkshirebred

Sunday - garden day

A collage of a few spring flowers which I am always amazed grow in my back garden with the rough and clay ridden ground full of stones.  I am not a gardener!  I admire other lovely gardens, and I like pretty flowers and shrubs, but find the planting and looking after a garden tedious.  It is also painful with arthritic joints!  However, since we took down the greenhouse at the end of last year (how stupid was that now that I could be using it to grow things?!), all the weeds, pots, seed trays etc have remained in situ.  So, in extras you can see the demolition site!  Didn’t look quite as bad later after I had filled 2 extra large bin liners with broken pots, polystyrene trays etc.  Still more to move though - how many seed trays does anyone need?  I found lots.  I now have a redundant cold frame as well - not sure it closes, some old windows (?!)  and close on 100 slugs and snails attached to pots - yuck!

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