By ArcLight

Lone jogger

A long walk through town today - I guess we were out rather longer than the regulation exercise allowance, but as we set off before 8am, we really didn't see too many people. Appropriate distances were maintained at all times and we were home before most people were thinking about going out to enjoy what turned out to be a chillier day, for the most part, than was forecast. Princes Street is strange with virtually no one on it. Quite a few buses and the odd police car and taxi. George Street is bizarre without cars using it as a race track. This is Waverley Bridge - with a perfectly safe jogger running down the middle (and a perfectly safe photographer also standing in the middle of the road). No tour buses and no airport bus. Just two taxis waiting, probably forlornly, for the tiny number of passengers getting off the trains you could hear in Waverley Station (because there was so little traffic noise). A striking image. A boarded up Balmoral in the extras. My overall impression was that all this makes it possible to imagine what the city is like if the car is not king.

I've got lots of photographs and when I get a chance I will edit them and put them into a "times of Corona" album. Amongst other things, we also took in the Gormley in the Water of Leith at Powderhall. Not sure I've ever seen it before. Bizarre - as I've been very close. Somehow it passed me by. Or maybe it passed me by.

Later on we had a lovely Facetime with Munroist, catching up on their activities and concerns. I exchanged various messages with friends, checking up on people. I also did some more photo editing. Want to sort out the Berlin photographs, and then I can do the 'times of corona' album. We also watched a couple of concerts from the Berlin Philarmonic including Beethoven's 9th complete with the ode to joy. I managed not to burst into tears this time. For the record, we didn't watch the Queen's broadcast, although I did read the text of it on twitter, but I have taken note that Boris Johnson has gone to hospital.

Time for bed and reading. I finished Circe last night. I wasn't sure what to make of the ending. But now I can move on to the next book group book.

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