Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

When the evening sun goes down...

And, on that subject (ellipses), I was pulled up on my use of these by M. I had ended a couple of messages to him with ellipses and he thought I was being off with him. I was actually just trailing off. Apparently, “young people” take these badly. So, when he posted a picture of a bottle of Skinners Summer Pale Ale and I replied “Jealous...” that could be read as “I’m jealous, you should have invited me.” And if you say “Are we eating...” it means “Haven’t you cooked dinner yet?”

I’m not convinced. When I searched online, the only negative aspects of ellipses are lack of clarity.

Oh, well. I reassured him that I wasn’t cross. And finished every message with...

10k this morning. And, in the afternoon, drilled out the seized up brake disc locating screws on the Mini. Tomorrow I’ll replace the discs - possibly without locating screws for now.

Finished One Man Two Guvners. Good.

To bed...

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