Plus ça change...

By SooB

Virtually old

50 today!
Obviously a rather odd birthday.  There was some morning work in the garden, while the rest of the family got up, then a lovely birthday lunch during which I had my first ever surprise party!  A call with loads of lovely folk.  All a bit overwhelming at the time, but such a fab thing for them to have done.
The afternoon saw present opening, more gardening and a healthy amount of champagne!
I had decided a few months ago to postpone having a party until next year, so I haven’t really been prompted to do any philosophical thinking about the age thing.  And I don’t propose to do so now.  After all, what’s the point of being an inveterate procrastinator if I can’t use the skill for something like this?  And anyway, a virtual birthday isn't a real one - so I guess I'm not 50 until next year.  My Mam was upset the other day that this will be the first year she hasn't got me a card.  Obviously I told her that her staying away from the Post Office was better in every way than a card!

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