By Veronica


We have to take pleasure in the small things, and appreciate the moment. It was overcast but not cold, and while I was as usual sitting on the terrace someone in the block of flats opposite brought her piano out onto her balcony and played; it was very pleasant.

We had a virtual meeting of choir committee today, using Google's equivalent of Zoom. I can't say I was impressed. It took half an hour for all seven of us to manage to get connected and get video and sound working. Even then the video was flaky and sometimes the sound cut out. However, it wasn't difficult to agree ... the May concerts are gone, as well as the April ones. Now it's a question of whether to abandon this year's programme altogether (which would be upsetting for everyone) or try for a couple of dates in July and maybe one in September. Watch this space.

Food diary. We had the pork and dried fruit again, augmented with an apple. It was even better today; the flavours had developed and the pork was so tender it was falling apart. For afters, a loquat clafoutis (or rather flognarde since you're only supposed to call it clafoutis if it has cherries in it). Served with cream of course.

Last night's film was Billy Wilder's The Apartment with Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine. Somehow I've never seen it before. It's really excellent; the situation could have been played purely for laughs, but it's deeper and more serious than that, casting a critical eye on the sexual mores of the early 1960s, with the male bosses basically treating their female employees as a harem, and the women going along with it for material reasons. Nobody is morally pure, not even the hero and heroine. Of course boy gets girl in the end, but there are twists and turns along the way, and it's constantly entertaining. Plus I love the fact that in a film that revolves around sex, they don't kiss each other once, not even in the fade to black at the end. Superbly done.

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