A Teddy For A Brave Girl.

I looked after Mia whilst Alexandra took Isabella to the doctors.

It was decided that they wanted a urine sample and a blood test.

We got the urine sample and I went with Alexandra to the pathology place, as I couldn't quite explain where it was.

When we got there, they said they needed 2 people to take a child's blood.  One operative was doing a Covid-19 test.  When decided to go to another place.

When we got there one operative was at lunch.  We had to wait 20 minutes.

By this time Isabella is starting to get upset.  So we went over to a local shopping centre.

No restrictions on going into the supermarket.  But we had to go out when Alexandra went to the checkout to pay.

Back to pathology, and in they went.  I stayed outside with Mia, there was no one around.

Isabella has had all her vaccinations without any problem, but this was something else.  She got so upset.  I just hope she doesn't have to have anymore anytime soon.

They gave her this teddy for being brave.

When she came out Mia got upset,  because she didn't have a teddy.  When we got home I gave her one of mine.

'It's pink, not blue., she said.  Some days you just can't win.

After I got home, I had time for a cup of tea, before rushing off to our local garage, to get our battery replaced under warranty.

On the way home I stopped at the supermarket for some milk.  No restrictions on going in, and lots of cheerful staff greeting people on entry.

So presumably the restrictions are only going to be at busy times.

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