Pelargonium, My Terrace

Nightfall no blip so out to the terrace to snap this pelargonium. The photo doesn't really do it justice but they do say the camera doesn't lie.
Busy day between phone calls  accomplished quite a lot in the garden
Today was the day everybody decided to check out and see how I was coping with the lockdown including my two sons
Farmer son is lucky to be locked down with his wife and two sons, one a carpenter and the other a mechanic. It was really interesting hearing about all the jobs they are accomplishing.
Said to burn as much wood as was needed as he would be up the minute we go out of level 4 with a load for me. So that was great to hear
Aussie son spent a lot of time trying to help me get my ipad going again and then I run out of time to ring Apple.Apparently they will talk me through it for 60 dollars so probably worth since we are locked down
Sorry I hardly got any commenting done but will dash through tonight and put some stars and hearts

Keep on keeping well

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