By mollymay49

Suns up!

6.30 we were up and ready to go out for our daily exercise, thank goodness we still have that, with so may necessary restrictions in place now, we try not to take anything for granted.
I successfully sent off our fist on-line shopping order this morning, i took advantage of the first available slot 13th April perfect, the delivery vans are 24/7,  700 of them spread across all stores, there was an add for a driver for our local store to deliver between the hours of 10pm-6am, thats a slot for the young ones. 
We seemed to have reached the flattening of the curve today, too early for optimism it was said, there are still many in ICU, we are still weeks maybe months away before we can start to even think about returning to some normality, some forecast 6 months.
Have a safe day everyone, whichever corner of the world you are in.. 

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