By MidgeholeDave

Books - Part 2

After doing a few trivial tasks (weather too nice for anything more tasking), I decided to delve into 'the pile', and came out with these two.
'Lost England' documents - via photographs (1,200 of them) - the dramatic change England went through between 1870 - 1930.  It's an incredibly interesting book but very difficult to read.  It has 560 pages and weighs in at 7lbs (3200g) therefore needs a table to support it - and I prefer my recliner......
Nonetheless it was great fun to 'read'.
I shall move on to 'The Postcard Century' in the next few days - there will be a Books - Part 3.

If anyone would like to see a bit more of of what's inside 'Lost England' - there's a bit here on Waterstones website.

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