Jillian's Journal

By Daring2Go

High Flier

I’d been watching this Shag sitting on the top of that rock and was able to capture a photo of him when he took off.

Another encouraging day for us in NZ today, with the lowering rate of new cases of Covid-19, compared with the ramped up level of testing - the highest it’s been so far. We’re seeing that the very low level of deaths is significant too. There’s only been 1 so far, with 12 people in hospital, and 4 in ICU, 2 being critical.

Figures today
Overall total 1210
New cases 50 - the lowest for a fortnight
Recovered 282; 41 more than yesterday.

I’m so thankful for our Government’s stance of Keep it Out, and Stamp it Out; an emphasis of elimination.

Our PM Jacinda Ardern said that she’s cautiously optimistic.

Such a beautifully sunny day. It was a treat to go out walking, on the beach and see some other people. A friend delivered some feijoas, and another neighbour is turning them into feijoa chutney.

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