Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Not Gonna Look

Tiiiiiirrrrrrred. Last night did not provide much rest. I was a bit late deciding to go to sleep anyway, then after I put down the iPad, Mstr 5's light came on. I waited a while, and when I thought he'd been silent long enough to indicate that he might possibly have gone back to sleep, I went to turn out his light. Of course he was still awake, and told me "Dad, I can't sleep". I replied: "Of course you can't; your light's on". Yes, I'm a smartarse when I'm tired. ;-) I took off his pyjama top - it being a rather hot night - settled him into bed without the duvet, turned off the light, and went back to bed myself. Perhaps inevitably, a couple of hours later, in he came. So there went any restful rest or sleepful sleep for the balance of the night.

Or morning, in fact.

The upshot of that being I didn't go for the 10k I had planned for this morning. I might have, despite the weariness, if it hadn't been raining and miserable. As it was, I decided to wuss out. So I'll have to do it tomorrow.

I didn't have a blip, unless I were to use this pic of destruction, wherein I found that young children and LP records don't mix spectacularly well. So I walked about with my camera. I was kind of intending to head out after some birds in the wet weather (which seems to draw out some of the little 'uns), but encountered Miss 7 at the Lego table and snapped this off. (Larger here.)

Too blah to even be bothered to cook (either of us) this evening, so we went to the Ori fr dinner. Now back, and hot chocolates have happened. I could be bothered to make those. Oh, creme de menthe? Pleased to meet you! Do you think you could jump into these hot chocolates? You could? Oh that would be just perf.


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