By seizetheday


Morning walk past Kettles Fort, up through the far woods, down to the Common, and back home. It's becoming a regular route during this strange time - once beyond the edge of the town we very rarely see anyone else, so social distancing is easy. I had a Blip in the bag (extra), as it were - a pillbox, built during WWII, well hidden behind flowering gorse.  But as we passed Cyril's hide, hidden away in the woods, MrM spotted this little guy. It was happily tucking in to the nuts until it was startled by a dog with its owner  coming down the main track, quite a distance away. (Don't know whether it heard them or, maybe, smelled them, but it suddenly became very agitated at their presence.) Seconds after I took the photo, he shot up to the top of the tree.

Lockdown, day 15

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