By Colstro

Tree textures

Another very pleasant day enjoying the garden, including a bit more tidying,

This tree is a very old apple tree which looks as if it is decaying, with strips of bark coming away.  It had to be heavily pruned a year or so ago because some branches were dead and others were rotting.  It still produced a crop of (tiny) apples last year, but I think it really is near the end of its life.  Lovely textures on the trunk, though.

For anyone interested, the mystery object in yesterday's blip was a "synchro-eye" slave sensor (see extra)  - a device to trigger a remote flashgun from a master flash (typically on camera).  This was from the days before flashguns typically had this functionality built in and, I suspect, anyone really interested in multiple flash set ups would now use radio triggers rather than the less reliable, distance and line of sight constrained, optical triggers.  However, I have never really mastered the use of flash and rely almost entirely on available light. This museum piece hasn't been used for years.

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