Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

C'est moi!

So, this is me, in Coronavirus times... G & I held off wearing a mask for as long as we could. Since Sunday, it is the law that you have to wear a face mask and gloves when you step out of your house. When you step out, not when you reach your destination, so this is my kit. At least the mask is black and washable. I think it is too big though and extremely annoying as my glasses keep fogging up. I found myself speeding up my shopping job just so I could get home and be free from all these things that I'm not used to.

Last Saturday (4th April), I placed an order online for essential fresh produce (salad etc.) After confirming the order, I got an emailing telling me that delivery was scheduled for 16th April. Huh? Nothing was said during the order process. Anyway, such is the online process of this renowned global chain, the only thing I had for enquiries was an 0800 number, which of course is constantly engaged.

I decided to try out the Move Permit facility here as I'd heard you receive confirmation in minutes, so I filled out the form - very simply laid out - and low and behold, ten minutes later, I was told I had permission to go and do my shop, so off I went to the hypermarket that is on our doorstep. It is slightly more expensive than Carrefour which is one of the reasons we don't use it much.

My temperature was taken before I entered. There were three disinfected trolleys waiting as I walked in. I took one and started my shop. A few things to note which are GOOD... Only one person per family can go out to shop. This means there are no children and fewer people to avoid. Easter is around the corner and it was so good to see the eggs haven't been vandalised!

I stayed focus and did the shop. I think there's just a couple of things which Lulu didn't have but it's not urgent. I was back home in less than an hour. G quickly grabbed the camera to get this shot as I walked in.

I've had two Zoom meetings today. The first was a Lavylites product knowledge meeting and the second was for our OaSis group. The ladies are feeling isolated at home and wanted to meet up. It worked well and was great to see the few who "showed up". Ten in all. One dialled in from The Gambia, and another from Mumbai. We even had a go at singing a song together, but there was too much of a time lag.

In the first meeting, which had the same number of attendees, Zoom cut out exactly on the forty-minute mark. At the OaSis meeting, a notification showed up informing me that they were giving me a gift of a longer meeting! Wow. It was much needed, as some of the ladies really needed to chat. We finished after ninety minutes. I got another notification gifting me another unrestricted meeting if I scheduled another one right away. So I did. For next Wednesday.

PS. I tried cancelling the Carrefour order. They don't have an easy facility to do that, so here's hoping.

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