By LincolnWarrior

Seeing Double

This evening after a better day at work I went for a quick walk into town to get a few things from Heron and get a blip. While walking through town I started to see double, the street lamp was casting a lovely clear shadow in the evening sun. Taking advantage I grabbed a couple of shots  preferring this one as I really like the way the light through the glass is really shimmering .
Looking back  2 years ago I was living one of my dreams to watch my home town football team play and win at wembley how it is so different at the moment with no live sport , great memories to keep me going through these difficult times. At least I am able to keep going to work even if I am working with my old boss Steve doing my head in or helping me out , good job he knows I'm only joking or am I ;)  
Relaxing evening with a spot of TV stay safe everyone and take care 

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