Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

Working out

Max and I went for a walk in the cemetery together, Zebedee was already there doing lunges with his weights, he did 500!

The main drama of the day was when I went to the butcher, as I turned a corner a jogger literally ran almost into me, I dodged out of the way but only managed to get three or 4 feet away, she did apologise and was quite a young lady, then waiting to cross the road an older woman came jogging towards me, she could clearly see I was waiting to cross the road made no attempt to move out of my way and jogged past me within 3 feet, I shouted after her explaining what she had done and she told me to shut up, I shouted after her that she would be the one shutting up if she ended up in hospital with the coronavirus having caught it from me! I then crossed the road to queue up outside the butcher on a narrow pavement, two men in their early 20s come jogging towards me on the pavement as they approached me I called out to them that they were going to come too close to me, they totally ignored me and ran past me at which point I said you’re 2 to 3 feet away at which point they told me to F off, so I shouted after them that they would be the ones effing off if they ended up in hospital et cetera et cetera. I don’t care about being unpopular and I have a very loud voice due to being a singer and performer, I’m not intentionally horrible but I do feel that if I can give information that people may think about next time then it’s worth doing. I was so angry about this when I got home that I rang the council they said they couldn’t do anything and suggested I rang the police on 101 which is not the emergency number which I then did, the police took my complaint very seriously and asked for times and addresses and all the details and gave me a case number, they also suggested that I could name and shame on local websites so I took to Twitter tagging local organisations and also a local neighbourhood app called Nextdoor, I just can’t believe the stupidity and selfishness of some people, I absolutely want everyone to enjoy going outside and enjoy exercising but it is totally unfair to do an exercise which involves speed and come up behind people and come past people when they literally have nowhere to go and then be rude to them when they’re upset. My friend tells me that in France jogging has been banned and another Friend tells me that in South Africa you’re only allowed to exercise in your own home, sadly this may well be where we are heading if people can’t be respectful of the 2 m rule, an asthmatic friend of mine doesn’t feel she can go to her local park because of joggers, it is so sad.

I gave Gulliver and Erin another songwriting lesson focusing on rhyming, hard rhymes, soft rhymes and internal rhymes.

Max made a lovely spaghetti Bolognese and we made a vegan alternative Erin and watched hot tub Time machine which was fun.

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